Open Neuroscience: new approaches for new tools

Chairs: VerĂ³nica de la Fuente, Esteban J. Beckwith

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Open science is not a field in itself, but rather a scientific methodology. It is critical in multiple research areas, and is particularly well developed in the realm of neuroscience. The hallmarks of this approach are open access to results, shared standards, and unconstrained dissemination of information and methods with the goal of increasing reproducibility and collaboration. Modern neuroscience thrives on creativity and innovation, which involves the communal development of new and better tools, including open source strategies. With this in mind, this symposium will feature speakers covering different areas of neuroscience, ranging from electrophysiology to behavioural approaches, and employing rodents, flies, and humans. Importantly for us, we believe that open science is underrepresented within the Argentinean neuroscience community. Therefore, this symposium represents an opportunity to have a first-hand perspective on the challenges and opportunities of pursuing open science, with a particular focus on the development of tools and software. Furthermore, we believe that open science will be crucial for our community as it can help to overcome limitations of commercial software and hardware such as high prices and low accessibility, and allow everyone to achieve their research goals.