Auditory processing, vocal production and motor control

Chair: Ana Amador

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In this symposium, our goal is to address questions regarding how the central nervous system integrates auditory and motor information to enable vocal communication. We propose to discuss auditory perception, sound production, motor and neural coding in songbirds and mice. Vocal production requires precise coordination between the respiratory system and the vocal organ being an extraordinary example of motor control. In songbirds, this complex task is learned through a delicate process involving auditory and proprioceptive feedback, being rarely encountered in other vertebrate species. In this symposium we will present a wide perspective of birdsong research, integrating central nervous system recordings and biomechanical models for song production. New perspectives and models for sensorimotor integration and learning will be discussed in terms of recent results concerning the processing and dynamics occurring in the song system. Discussions about molecular and genomic tools will also be included. Our goal is to discuss about sensory and motor coding integrating different perspectives, new technologies and interdisciplinary approaches, taking advantage of the common neurethological perspective that the participants provide.