Computations in neural circuits

Chair: Fernando Locatelli, German Sumbre

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The ability of animals to recognize a stimulus and respond with a specific and coordinated action involves precise and sophisticated neural computations. Unveiling how the nervous system generates the cognitive functions that relate sensory perception and behavior requires multidisciplinary approaches, including the use of intact behaving animal that enables deciphering complex neuroethological questions such as decision making, sensory perception, and the functional role of the brain’s intrinsic dynamics. The symposium “Computations in neural circuits” will focus on studies performed on different neural circuits, their physiology, their connectivity and their dynamics in relation to specific cognitive demands and computations. Two speakers focus their work on understanding the neural computations behind the ability of animals to recognize visual and olfactory cues in zebrafish. Other two speakers focus their work on the integration of multimodal sensory information in relation to escape behavior in goldfish and in coordination of sensory motor information during navigation and locomotion in Drosophila flies. The talks will summarize results based on behavioral, physiological and neuro-computational approaches.